About Us

Our Mission

The American Chemical Society (ACS) at the University of Houston is a nonprofit organization here to offer an opportunity for students interested in the chemical sciences to acquaint themselves and foster a professional spirit amongst one another. Our mission is to instill professional pride in the chemical sciences and foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. Most importantly, we employ our resources to promote chemistry to the community at large. We provide insight into graduate programs and various careers relating to the chemical sciences. Anyone interested in joining please come to Fleming Room 220 or email us at acs.at.uh@gmail.com.

Why You Should Join and The Benefits of ACS

ACS-UH is a local chapter of ACS National. Becoming a member of ACS National has many benefits such as receiving current events, recent job opportunities pertaining to the chemical sciences and lots of discounts!

Benefits of ACS:

  1. Free ACS tutoring: Volunteer tutors are available 6 days a week for General and Organic Chemistry
  2. ACS Scholarship: The most active members will receive scholarships/cool prizes.

Photo of Officers at Cat's Back 2016
Photo of Volunteers at the ACS Southwest Regional Meeting 2016
Photo of an ACS Demonstration
Photo of Officers with Dr. Simon Bott