Why buy from us? We offer the cheapest prices for quality lab-wares. You will be supporting UH ACS when you buy from us. We are conveniently located in Fleming 218, the tutor room. You can get free tutoring and then quickly stop by the store!

We accept cach or credit/debit cards. However, there is a 1 dollar additional fee when a credit/debit card is used. Unlike the Research Store, purchases from us are tax-free!


ACS Store Price


Research Store Price*

Lab Notebook (carbonless paper, for ochem lab) $20 $20
Goggles $5 $5-$15
Lab Coat $20 $19-$27
ACS Organic Study Guide $25 Not Available
Lock $5 $5-$7
Model Kit $25 $22 and $55
*Prices were obtained from research store 2015 catalog

Equipment Rental

Goggles $10
Lab Coat $10

Upon returning the items, you will get back $8 for each rental on the same day.

Feel free to email us with any questions!