Tutor Room Rules

Rules for Students and Tutors

  1. Tutors are expected to be there every time and for the whole time scheduled. By volunteering, you are explicitly agreeing to that responsibility.
  2. If a tutor cannot make a time, they need to email acs.at.uh@gmail.com. Include "Tutor Absent Date: MM/DD/YYYY" in the subject line. In the email, please include an explanation. Be sure to send this email in time so we can find a replacement for you.
  3. Tutors MUST wear their name tag. DO NOT remove the name tag from the tutor room. We reuse the name tag holders every semester.
  4. Tutors must sign in when they come in and sign out ONLY when they are leaving the tutor room. If you forget to sign out, you will only be given one hour volunteering credit.
  5. The room is only a TUTORING Room:
    1. No game playing
    2. No loud conversations
    3. If a student needs help, then any tutor who is in the room is responsible for helping. There should never be a case in which simultaneously a student needs help and a tutor is idle.
    4. If there are no tutees in the room, tutors may relax.
  6. Tutors should only answer questions that they are sure about the answer. I expect that to be the case in all classes to which you are assigned. We have spare books available. You are welcome and encouraged to tutor other courses IF you know the material.
  7. If time and tutors are available, tutors should help any student regardless of the preparation of that student. Priority will be given to students who come prepared over those for whom the tutoring center is last resort. ON EXAM DAYS, no "from the start" help will be provided.
    In addition -- when the room is busy:
    1. 3 questions maximum per student or 10 minute maximum time -- whichever is shorter. Then the tutor needs to move to the next person.
    2. No lab questions.
  8. Only students in UH chemistry classes are allowed in the room. UH students who are taking chemistry classes elsewhere are explicitly banned and are not eligible for help with those classes.
  9. No eating in the tutor room.

Thanks and happy tutoring!
- American Chemical Society at UH